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“Science will take a thousand years to learn what kindness has always known.”

Nurture comes from the Latin word nutrire “to nourish”, which means to feed another in ways that them to develop and grow.

To nurture someone means to care for and protect them while they are growing so that they achieve their full growth. Nourishing children promotes their well-being and happiness so they become all they are meant to be.

To nurture means to nourish the inner self, to give another the emotional food that will enable their full self to grow and emerge.


 Nourishing can include encouraging, protecting, carrying, cherishing or cultivating a child’s inner sense of self as well as taking care of their outside, physical self. Part of nurturing children is providing all of the necessary conditions to ensure they develop well.

Nurturing your child means that you pay attention to, support and encourage them in ways that foster what is growing, healthy and life-affirming within them.

There is nothing more powerful that one human being could do for another!


Besides being humane nourishing children is important because it:

1. Gives them all of the feelings they carry about themselves as adults.

2. Affects whether they think they are valuable or worthless, safe or vulnerable, competent or inadequate. In turn this affects what they are able to do and how much they enjoy what they do.

3. Determines how happy they feel as people and even how much they enjoy being alive!  Nothing could be more important.

A Life Dependent on Our Kindness

A Life Dependent on Our Kindness


Effective caring and strong protection of the child are all that is required for good growth to emerge.

Each child is born perfect and complete, with all of his or her potential inside. So often Mothers feel stressed because they believe that they have to cause their child’s growth or, worse, force it to occur, but this is not true!

All we have to do is feed and protect our child and their unique self will emerge perfect and whole!

Just as a single tiny apple seed has all of the ingredients and coding within it to become a perfect apple tree, your child is a complete person already encoded with his or her unique and perfect self. Add soil, water and light to an apple seed and shield its growth and an apple tree will emerge, eventually strong enough to bear fruit and create on its own. Like the apple seed a child’s self is already fully there, no matter how small, and all it needs is nourishment, support and protection to grow.


This means that you can RELAX! The child’s self is not something mothers have to design and put together like a lego kit! You don’t have to make a person using your own limited knowing and self!! Goodness! Where would we start?

Your child’s perfect self is already inside them. Your role is simply to protect and nourish them so their inborn self and goodness can emerge by itself in its own perfect time. Isn’t that a relief?

So, instead of worrying about how to “construct the perfect child” you can now focus on something that will actually help you to nurture your child : knowing how to nourish yourself and fill yourself up!



If you were nurtured as a child you will find this as natural as breathing. If you were not you can learn to self-nourish. This is the foundational first step for Powerful Mothering.

“When a woman’s life matters she can do anything,” said the wonderful Margaret Mead. This is true. A strong sense of our own worth and dignity helps us to recognize the worth and dignity of our child and to easily nourish them with kind, gentle strength. Powerful Mothering is dedicated to nourishing you as a Mother so that you, in turn, can nurture your children.

Each step on this site something you can do even if you are on your own, have little support or weren’t parented well yourself.

Powerful Mother Training builds upon itself step-by-step, one moment at a time, which is really, all any of us ever have to do. Just attend to this one moment well. Step-by-step you will then find that, by day’s end, you have managed the entire day well! Not perfectly, but well.

When we do this each day, tomorrow takes care of itself.


Hold your precious self and your child's self gently and well.

Hold your precious self and your child’s self gently and well.


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Take care of you! Your life matters! Dr. T

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