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This Site is Dedicated to Gentle Parenting and to Protecting what Matters.

Powerful Mother aims to offer hope, support and resources for all women, those whose lives have been joyful, and those whose lives have been painful.

  • If you are struggling this site can still help you.Your life doesn’t have to be perfect for you to make your children’s lives different!
  • This site is for Mothers who want to be inspired and who want to be actively growing and learning through the Mothering task.
  • It is for Mothers who want to be transformative, who want their legacy to be one of love and to be the best they can be.
  • It is for Mothers who are poor, in hardship, struggling, hurt or alone and for  those whose lives are fantastic.
  • It is for Mothers who are already on the path to powerful Mothering and for Mothers who are still looking for the street sign!

This site, “PowerfulCropped Logo Mother”,

  • Is for anyone who wants to strengthen their mothering and increase their positive impact on their children and on the world.
  • Shows how to create new worlds for you and your children that make you happy and help your family grow well.
  • Helps you know how to move beyond difficult circumstances to create a new legacy for your children by parenting and living the way you want.
  • Teaches you how to use mothering to make things different, to heal yourself and to transform life for you and your children.



WELCOME to this new adventure and path for you and your children!

May it be a gentle and a joyful journey for each of you!

With care, Dr. T

IF you don’t enjoy reading then may I suggest you visit my Pinterest site to get a visual overview that can help orient you and help you begin….

Please note that the terms Mom and Mum are used interchangeably across the site to provide familiarity for Northern and Southern hemisphere English speaking mothers. Translation into other languages will occur as soon as feasible for madres, mammas, majkas, moeders, ibus and ewes in all spaces.

Light through the Mountains. Photographer: P. D. Corning

Light through the Mountains. Photographer: P. D. Corning

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