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That every mother needs to destress.


The free audio is to  help you unwind tension, wind down thoughts and have a few minutes of peace. Think of it as a cup of chamomile tea for your ears!

It was crafted to fit in with the busy life of a Mother and hence it is only 15 minutes in length.

That means it is something you can play in the half hour children are watching a program, taking a nap, or playing peacefully! My intent is that it be relaxing and rejuvenating for you.

It is best not to play this while you are driving or working with any kind of machinery (including blenders and so forth!) but otherwise you just need a chair or a space on the floor and a few minutes to yourself.


The audio can give you a pick-me-up and de-stress point at the beginning, middle or end of a busy day or whenever you want really!

A small slice of time just for you.

A small slice of time just for you.


Fill in the Free Audio box on the right to receive instant access to the download.


I hope that it will nurture and tend to you in the midst of your busy days.

If you like the audio please stay in touch because I will release others. If you found it helpful it would be wonderful if you would spread the news to your friends. With kind thanks.

Until next time,
Dr. T.

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