What we say carries about 10% of our influence impact.

The rest is carried by HOW we say it and by what we actually DO.

By our authenticity.

rentalnflowers14 010With children the influence of words is even lower, dropping to about 5%.

Thus it behooves us to be strong in the sense of purpose we have as Mothers,

If we are committed to creating love in our homes, it is something that we can take seriously, despite the distractions of superficial around us.

This gives us a strong sense of purpose.


A strong sense of purpose will help us to:

1. Get up in the morning and feel like facing a new day.

2. Feel the power we have to make things different.

3.. Keep clear focus on the power of creating a loving space in the home,

4. Be strong in ourselves.

5. Maintain determination to keep going,

6. Keep trying no matter how many times we mess up, and,

7. Be steadfast in committing to kindness in WHAT we say to children and HOW we say it.


Honour Your Walk

A wonderful Native American proverb illustrates this type of influence power:

“Words fall on the ground like sh*t from the dogs.

Deeds rise up in the sky like the Spirit leaves the body.”


Being kind in word and deed multiplies our influence power with our children and, importantly, it feels better and it works.

Beware too much Sh*t on the ground….


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