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"POWERFUL": Potent, Strong, One who is able. "MOTHER": One who nurtures, supports and protects what is vulnerable.


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Nourishing what matters.

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Paying attention to what needs support, structure, safety and guidance and healing what has been harmed, torn or broken.

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Knowing what to protect, when to protect and, more importantly, how.


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Do you have a Wise Child?

Most cultures acknowledge the truth that adults have a child within.

You can see it when adults forget themselves in laughter or play and become lighthearted.
Indigenous cultures also acknowledged that every human has a child inside.
They …

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Standing on Our Own Two Feet

Contentment is defined as “resting satisfied, with ease of mind.”  Doesn’t that sound lovely? Happiness flows naturally when we are contented.
With contentment you can live gloriously, even magnificently!! but its not easy in a world …

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What we say carries about 10% of our influence impact.
The rest is carried by HOW we say it and by what we actually DO.
By our authenticity.
With children the influence of words is even lower, dropping …

What people say about Powerful Mother Training

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support, unwavering security and mother energy you have brought to my life, my children's lives and created the transformative process of knowing true relationships, the capacity of good in our lives and the knowledge of re-building, re-patterning and re-wiring from experiences that could have been different. You have shown me how easy this is. MJ

  • Because of your help I can finally say I know the joy of motherhood and I have no guilt. Your wisdom has brought me much peace and liberty, and in that I feel loved unconditionally and treasured...Thank you for helping me see truth and recover. TD

  • You have helped me to recognize that...I do deserve a life that is happy! All that I do is working toward this and when I have a bad day (or days) I know what I need to get back on track! Thank you!! MF

  • We just really want to say a huge thank you for everything you have done to get us through. You...have helped us all so much. we really do appreciate it and hope you realize how much more enjoyable you have made this for us. Thank you once more. MS Group

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